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The company says its drones can fly up to 15 miles and are as “robust and stable as a commercial aircraft”.Amazon’s delivery drone in actionThey have wings and a rotor so they can fly like both a quadcopter and an aeroplane, allowing them to take off and land vertically and also glide horizontally.Image:Amazon did not […]

YouTube says it will not host content promoting Nazi ideology, including videos denying the Holocaust and Sandy Hook shooting. The Google-owned video sharing platform said the move follows its undertaking of “a tougher stance” in 2017 towards supremacist and terrorist content. Sky News has uncovered examples of the way YouTube has been used to spread […]

The dating app says it has so far “not handed over any data” to Russia, but did not say whether it plans to do so in the future.Image:Dating app Tinder has millions of users worldwideTinder is now one of 175 online services that are required to store six months’ worth of data, which can be […]

The privacy feature is a direct challenge to the web giants which let users sign-in to third parties using their social accounts.Image:Sign in with Apple is a new feature in iOS 13The move was announced at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in California, alongside the end of iTunes and a .Image:Apple is set to […]

The audience was heard to be murmuring and booing when the price of the stand was announced during Apple’s developer conference.Image:Apple’s computer stand will cost $999It was a small mention during a show that confirmed in favour of three separate apps for music, podcasts and films and shows.Image:Apple’s Mac Pro monitor costs $4,999Costs for the […]

Experts have revealed a patch which could repair damaged hearts and a blood test which will flag heart failure early on.Image:A rapid blood test which detects heart failure at an early stage has been developedThe patches contain up to 50 million human stem cells, which are programmed to turn into working heart muscle cells that […]

The appointment comes as the industry faces growing calls for regulation, with concerns around data use and “fake news”.Image:Mr Cameron stepped down as PM in 2016 following the EU referendumHe subsequently saying he was “going to have to start to build a life outside Westminster”. It was recently announced – will be published in September, […]

Image:Is 5G capable of causing harm to people?But that hasn’t convinced everyone. One parliamentary petition with more than 29,000 signatures has called for an independent inquiry into the health and safety risks of the next generation of mobile technology. The government turned down the request, noting there are multiple such enquiries constantly taking place in […]

Following the launch of a Chinese car factory to tackle import tariffs, the company is selling its cars at a 13% discount.Image:Tesla’s Model 3 can travel 220 miles per charge Elon Musk attended the ground-breaking ceremony in Shanghai back in January.Image:Tesla cars are getting a discount in ChinaThe electric carmaker is basing its operations in […]

New research into the composition of the coloured surface of Pluto suggests that the planet has liquid water beneath its surface.Image:Pluto’s reddish-brown areas were covered in ammonia. Pic: NASAUnlike the volcanic activity on Earth, which is driven by the planet’s hot core and magma, a cryovolcano doesn’t erupt with molten rock but with other material […]