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Amazon drone deliveries to start ‘within months’

Written by on June 5, 2019

The company says its drones can fly up to 15 miles and are as “robust and stable as a commercial aircraft”.

Amazon’s delivery drone in action

They have wings and a rotor so they can fly like both a quadcopter and an aeroplane, allowing them to take off and land vertically and also glide horizontally.

Image:Amazon did not say where the drones will operate first

Amazon says they will be piloted by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies so they can detect static objects like chimneys, as well as moving objects.

Speaking at the company’s conference in Las Vegas, its worldwide consumer executive, Jeff Wilke, said the safety features were as “robust and stable as a commercial aircraft”.

He did not say which areas would get drone delivery first, or how many customers would be able to use the service.

Despite claims of how sophisticated the technology is, Amazon’s main challenge is going to be receiving regulatory approval.

Mr Wilke told Bloomberg the drone had been designed to get the green light from America’s Federal Aviation Authority, but this does not mean that approval will necessarily be given.

The first ever drone delivery back in December 2016, but this was a test delivery for which the company had special permission.

Getting regulatory approval for ongoing deliveries will be more difficult due to safety and noise concerns.

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